Any treatment of an illness that does not also minister to the human spirit is grossly deficient.
~ Jerome Frank


moral civilization

The test of the moral quality of a civilization is its treatment of the weak and powerless.
~ Jerome Frank

jung on love

doing some Jung research in my coursework. Ran across this snippet from an interview and had to share it: Carl Gustav Jung: "The archetype is a force. It has an autonomy. It can certainly seize you. It is like a seizure. So, for instance, falling in love at first sight. That is such a case. You see, you have such a certain image in yourself, without knowing it, of the woman, of *the* woman. Now you see that girl. Or at least a good imitation of her type. And instantly, you get a seizure. And you’re–you’re gone. And afterwards, you may discover that it was a hell of a mistake."

Jung is refreshing in that few psychologists – once adorned with the language of science, retain the ability to bring in a thing like romantic love succinctly and with uncanny acuity. One of my biggest complaints is that the language of psychology has become as unrecognizable most of the time as the EULA of a new laptop. Jung is deep but if you pay attention – often you know just what he is saying.