Wendell Berry – civilization

"You can best serve civilization by being against what usually passes for it."

– Wendell Berry


B.F. Skinner on punishment

Even in the early days of behaviorism B. F. Skinner offered the following comment on the limitations of punishment as a conditioned stimulus in many situations:

“A person who has been punished is not thereby simply less inclined to behave in a given way; at best, he learns how to avoid punishment.”
(Skinner, 1971)

my namesake, Mr. Faizi, concerning Shoghi Effendi

The Guardian did his utmost to make us happy and hopeful about our future. He taught us the lesson of detachment and breathed in us the spirit of servitude to the divine Threshold. We loved him beyond measure and never wanted to part with him. The days we spent in the Guardian’s presence were like rays of sunshine penetrating the rest of our dark lives, and the memory of those blissful days is still a source of spiritual nourishment and inspiration.
~ Hand cause of God Abu’l-Qasim Faizi

A Gift of Love
p. 28

the wall

“For here on either side of the wall are God’s children, and no man-made barrier can obliterate that fact. Whether it be East or West, men and women search for meaning, hope for fulfillment, yearn for faith in something beyond themselves, and cry desperately for love and community to support them in this pilgrim journey.”

MLK (transcript)

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