I just think this is kinda funny

"In my thirties I wrote The Evolving Self, proposing a View of human being as meaning-making and exploring the inner experience and outer contours of our transformations in consciousness throughout the lifespan. Although the book was published over a decade ago, it is still rare for two weeks to go by without someone putting pen to paper to write me about it. Some years ago, when I proudly told my father that it was being translated into German and Korean, he said, “That’s great! Now when is it going to be translated into English?” "

(ouch dad)
Robert Kegan in the prologue to "In Over Our Heads"

mental models

“If the organism carries a “small-scale model” of external reality and of its own possible actions within its head, it is able to try out various alternatives, conclude which is the best of them, react to future situations before they arise, utilise the knowledge of past events in dealing with the present and future, and in every way to react in a much fuller, safer, and more competent manner to the emergencies which face it.”

psychologist/philosopher, Kenneth Craik

what is the self?

"the self is Jung’s answer to the following question: what in us makes us strive to be more aware, more conscious, more moral, more loving, more embodied, more whole? Religious beliefs most often put God at the center of that drive in us and Jung saw an overlap between our images of the self and our images of God. As it expresses the unity of the whole psyche, the self is connected to our images of the divine."

~Gary S. Bobroff in Knowledge in a Nutshell